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Illuminate Your Island Life with These Lighting Control Features

Ketra’s color-changing lights can be set to match your mood.

Recreate the Glow of Sunset with Smart Lighting from Lutron and Ketra

What’s your favorite thing about island life? For us, it’s the captivating colors that paint the sky during a sunset. If only you could bottle up that pristine beauty and keep it to look at throughout the day! But, alas, you can’t bottle sunsets. What you can do, though, is install a lighting control system in your Hawaii home that will transform your living room into a Hawaiian sunset whenever you want.

Lutron and Ketra are industry leaders in the smart lighting industry, and we’d like to share in this blog how they can bring soothing illumination and convenient control to your Hawaii home. Continue reading to learn more!

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Painting with Light

Ketra’s lighting helps to awaken the artist in you. They give you amazing control to change the color and intensity of your lights to match your mood at any time of the day or night. Feeling a little blue after a long day of work? With Ketra lighting solutions, you simply dial in a calming, warm glow and let the light relax you and take the stress away. Planning a gathering? Ramp up the vibrancy of your lighting with colors that make your living room the life of the party.

Control from Anywhere

Imagine adjusting your home's lighting from virtually anywhere in the world. Did you forget to switch off the kitchen light while heading out for a quick bite? No worries! Just easily access the Lutron app from your smartphone, tap the button, and begin saving energy before you’ve even placed your order! The controls enabled by a Lutron lighting control system are beneficial if you travel, have kids who leave lights on, or if you prefer not to enter a dark home at night. Off and on can happen from anywhere.

Energy Savings Potential

On the islands, luxury and comfort don't have to come at the expense of the environment. Both Lutron and Ketra offer energy-efficient products that help you live more sustainably. With these solutions, it may be possible to save on utility bills and contribute to preserving the breathtaking beauty of our beloved islands. Here are three easy ways to save energy with lighting control:

  • Make sure your lights are turned off when you’re not home 
  • Dim lights and use only half of the power
  • Set outside lights to timers

Ketra’s Natural Light

We know that natural light is healthy for our bodies, so this next Ketra feature will make you happy (literally!). Ketra can mimic natural light, like a Hawaiian sunset’s soft glow or daylight's bright, stunning beauty. Not only does this help our moods, but it also helps regulate your internal clock so that you’re awake while the sun is up and sleepy when it goes down. That’s right—Ketra can help you sleep better, too.


With Lutron and Ketra, every day in your Hawaii home could feel like a dream. These lighting control tools bring luxury, convenience, and energy efficiency to everyday living. So, indulge yourself and experience the joy of living in perfect light. Contact us for more information!

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