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How Tunable Lighting Improves Wellness, Productivity, and Sleep

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Live Your Most Vibrant Life in Maui with Ketra Lighting Solutions

It's not good to wake up groggy and exhausted in the morning, dreading getting out of bed and facing your schedule for the day. Even in beautiful Maui, it can be hard to wake up! Would you be surprised if we told you the solution to your morning grogginess could be as simple as adjusting your home's lighting?

Meet Ketra's tunable lighting solutions. Responding to our bodies' natural energy cycles, Ketra allows you to program your home's lights to match your natural energy throughout the day, which will also impact your mood. This influence means you can use your lights to help you feel more alert, productive, and positive throughout the day. So, instead of fighting through the morning fog, let the lights in your home give you a natural energy boost.

Let us explain how Ketra's tunable lighting can improve your wellness in Maui, HI.

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What Is a Circadian Rhythm?

The circadian rhythm is, essentially, your body's natural timekeeper. It is called this because it regulates when you are tired, energetic, or hungry. Long ago, our ancestors spent most of their time outdoors, so natural sunlight became the driver of the human energy cycle. But today, we spend so much time indoors that our bodies need the sun's light to boost our energy. 

Ketra designed its tunable light as a flexible solution that could replace the influence of the sun's light on our daily energy cycles. For instance, tune your lights to a cool white to mimic the bright Maui sky during the daytime and feel more energized. Then, in the evening, adjust the light to a warm amber to replicate the beautiful island sunset and make yourself naturally sleepy and more likely to get a better night's sleep.

Set Your Schedule

Everyone is unique in their daily energy cycles, but what is important is keeping a consistent schedule that works for you. Create a light schedule for your Ketra tunable lights to maintain a cycle, perhaps adjusting colors throughout the day to assist with energizing and relaxing. You'll soon find that your moods will improve throughout the day and feel more energetic when you want to get things done.

Of course, you would always be able to adjust your plans for a one-off event, such as a dinner party, where you don't want your guests to fall asleep on the couch! In addition, you can easily manage Ketra's tunable lights through a smartphone app or tablet.

Let Us Help

If you would like to learn more about Ketra's tunable lighting solutions, please reach out to our team. We'd love to help you improve your wellness, productivity, and sleep so you can live your best life in Maui, HI.

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