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Does Your Home Theater Design Stand Out or Fall Flat?


A Few Tips to Bring You That Next-Level Look

If you’re still passing most of your days at home, you deserve spaces that look and feel less confining. We can’t think of a more relaxing place to retreat than an attractive entertainment area that lets you escape after a long day.

Some home theater designs we’ve seen lately bypass the traditional look or customize it to meet the customer’s aesthetic. While many people still envision the single-screen concept with clean rows of cineplex-style chairs, 2020’s media spaces invite us to get creative for Makena, HI, clients and make truly memorable projects along the way. Curious to see what you can implement in your theater? Read on!


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Open Sectional Seating

Open-concept furniture has been trending for a few years now, and it seems to be here to stay. This family-style seating became more popular as media room/theater hybrids emerged. (You can see one example in the featured image above or look at more custom theater projects here).

Recent circumstances have isolated us from many family and friends outside our immediate home, giving us even more reason to bond with the people who live with us. Open sectional furniture lets more than one person lounge at once, which offers a more communal feel than the individual seating we see in most traditional home theaters.


Wet or Dry Bars

The ideal 2020 home theater makes your day a little easier and more entertaining. It’s no surprise that wet and dry bars occupy many of the hottest theaters we’ve installed recently.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is between them, wet bars have a sink, while a dry bar does not. Create a theme for this fixture, like a flavored popcorn station or vintage wine cellar. We can even install refrigerated sections for storing meats, cheeses and dairy-based alcohol mixers.


More Screens

More people staying at home simultaneously might necessitate more than one screen. This proves especially true in the more family-centric media room designs. It makes sense that one person will want to watch romantic comedies while another only streams action films. You might even have a family member who opts out of movie nights to play video games. 

Now family members and guests won’t compete for screen time. Add as many displays as you need. Don’t worry about wall clutter, either. Control Freaks Hawaii will make some or all of the TVs discreet by using retractable projectors, built-into-furniture setups or camouflaged options like the Samsung Frame.

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